The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe

One of my favorite places to visit for the weekend is Tulsa, Oklahoma. On every trip, I request a visit to Magic City Books, and it will surprise no one to know that, since my friend there is also a book lover, it doesn’t take much arm twisting.

Magic City Books is a tidy, well-curated store that always has excellent displays of both the popular bestsellers of the day and (sometimes) lesser known staff picks. Their second-hand shelf never fails to please, and it was there that I found The End of Your Life Book Club.

The book, written by former editor-in-chief of Hyperion Books, Will Schwalbe, is a tribute to his mother, who did significant work with refugees in Afghanistan, acted as a young woman, read voraciously, and raised her children to always think of others.

Though it draws the reader in and makes clear what pride Schwalbe had in his mother, it never commits the cardinal sin, according to a former professor, of becoming overly sentimental. Even in the tough moments–when Mary Anne is diagnosed; when she struggles with the side effects of chemotherapy; when her family must come to grips with her eventual loss–Schwalbe keeps the reader invested in his mother as a real, and accomplished, person.

If we’re being honest here, and I hope we are, I sobbed at the end, and I cried a little harder when I turned the page to find the list of books the two read over the course of Mary Anne’s treatment.

If you love to read, are interested in the ever-complicated relationships we have with family, or have ever lost someone you loved, you’ll enjoy this one.

Launch Party

We’re so excited to share that our book will be released on Thursday, June 20!

We will celebrate the official launch of Rooted: Central Arkansas Farm & Table with a party at Dunbar Garden from 5:30-7:30. We’re so grateful to have worked on this project together, and we can’t wait to gather with the many people who helped make it happen.

Note: Official invitations have gone out, but, well, we may have missed one or two. If you think you should be there, send an email to lacey AT and I’ll add you to the list.

Guests will be able to mingle with the subjects of the book, eat good food from Count Porkula‘s food truck and Loblolly Creamery‘s ice cream truck, and tour a unique school garden.

Books will be available for sale and preorders will be available for pickup. Cash, check, and major credit cards accepted.